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Phoenix Integrated Health Professionals

The Science of Well-Being

​Based on the science of well-being, known formally as Psycho-Neuro-Physio-Immunology, Phoenix Counselling & Psychological Services plans to expand into Phoenix Integrated Health Professionals. What is psychoneurophysioimmunology, and why use this approach?

In non-clinical terms, this simply refers to the science of the mind-body connection, and the deeply complex, yet enduring key role it plays in unlocking your potential for optimum mental and physical health. Stress management, along with lifestyle and behaviour patterns (including cognitions/thoughts, diet, exercise, and relaxation) have been proven to be pivotal factors in both preventing and treating any chronic illness, whether mental or physical, that occurs within the human body.

Neuroscience and biomedical research is leading collective health fields toward a paradigm shift in prevention and treatment of health problems. We now know that personalized, holistic treatment programs, dictated by the individual (not just simply prescribed the clinician), who is supported by allied health/wellness resources, is necessary to achieve true health management, maintenance. Healing programs are not “one-for-all”, and should not be developed based on a criteria of symptoms alone. The goal is to address the underlying mechanisms contributing to the health problem/symptoms. This involves and in-depth, individualized journey to discover, unlock, and recover your optimum level of physical and mental health. Janine and the team of professionals at Phoenix Integrated Health will guide you on this important, life-changing (and potentially life-saving) journey.

In addition to psychology treatment, lifestyle and behaviour management strategies/considerations will be offered to the clients at Phoenix Integrated Health. These include complementary/alternative/holistic allied health treatments such as massage, meditation, private/small group yoga – all of which target overall health and assist clients in learning to relax, manage stress, and maintain more positive coping styles. Diet/nutrition and exercise/physical mobility concerns will be addressed through holistic nutrition coaching and physical trainer service.

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