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Based on the science of the mind-body connection, and the key role it plays in unlocking your potential for optimum mental and physical health, Phoenix Counselling & Psychological Services is excited to announce plans to expand into Phoenix Integrated Health Professionals.  Stress management, along with lifestyle and behavior patterns (including cognitions, thoughts, diet, exercise and relaxation) have proven to be pivotal factors in both preventing and treating any chronic illness, whether mental or physical, that occurs within the human body.

In addition to psychology treatment, lifestyle and behavior management strategies and considerations will be offered to the clients at Phoenix Integrated Health.  These include complementary, alternative, holistic allied treatments such as massage, meditation, private/small group yoga - all of which target overall health and assist clients in learning to relax, manage stress, and maintain more positive coping styles.  Diet, nutrition, exercise and physical mobility concerns will be addressed through holistic nutrition coaching and physical trainer services.

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Go GRRLS Sessions COMING this summer!

Go Grrrls Sessions will be held at Phoenix Integrated Health Professionals office this summer!  The program is for girls ages 10-12, and will run for one week between 1pm-4:30pm.
Session 1 - July 16-20, 2018
Session 2 - August 13-17, 2018
Find out more about the program, and see an outline of the week on our blog post here

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
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