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More about Personal Development Facilitation with Kendra Barss
There are many issues in life that weigh us down and negatively impact our lives, and sometimes a second set of impartial eyes is helpful. I can help you overcome obstacles and move towards where you want to be. I can help you find motivation to lose weight, work towards school and career goals, work towards better overall health and wellness, and meet any other goals you may have for yourself. 
​I'm passionate about helping people recognize their strengths and helping them utilize them to increase their happiness and find solutions that truly work. When working together, you'll have me ask frequently "is this something you WANT to do?" I feel that it's incredibly important to find things that work in your own life, instead of a "one size fits all" approach. I like my clients to leave with new ideas and tangible resources each time they leave so that they can continue to work on their progress from home.
I enjoy meeting a challenge, and finding creative ways to solve any issues that arise. I love seeing the joy in people when they realize their full potential and meet milestones that seemed so far away! Book in today and see what you can achieve using the strengths you didn't even know you had. 
What is the difference between Personal Development Facilitation and Counselling/Psychotherapy?
​​Personal Development Facilitation
Spending time focusing on the strengths you already possess helps you express yourself and lead a more authentic, motivated and invigorated life! This leads to achievement and success that comes from your true being. Personal Development Facilitation focuses on the positive, rather than the negative or irrational aspects of life. It is specific, and goal-oriented and concentrates on how your strengths can be used in new and different ways to enhance your performance, feel better about yourself, ensure smooth life transitions, deal with challenges, achieve goals, become more successful, and improve your overall quality of life in a personal and/or professional capacity. Together we'll use tangible resources and strategies that fit your life. These sessions are guided by the client to ensure that solutions are found that fit their life to create long term success.
Time with a counsellor, therapist or psychologist is time spent creating a safe and supportive space to explore who you are and cope with what you are facing in life. They help identify problems and are a part of your support system to help you gain the strength and clarity to cope and move forward. In your appointment you’ll share what is troubling you in a safe and confidential environment with a person trained to listen and respond to hel you understand yourself and others better. It can help you find more effective ways to live a satisfying life. Counselling deals with cognitive and emotional blockages which may be impeding on your ability to deal with life in a functional and healthy way to benefit your life, work, and relationships.